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Ohio contains significant underground deposits of oil and gas. These natural resources have been and continue to be the focus of drilling and energy companies. With the development of new methods for extracting oil and natural gas deposits located deep beneath the surface, the Marcellus shale and Utica shale regions of Ohio are experiencing a dramatic increase in activity.

Ohio land owners are the target of exploration companies and individuals looking to acquire rights to oil and gas deposits lying beneath the surface of their land. Leasing oil and gas mineral rights can be very lucrative. However, there are many issues to evaluate and consider before entering into an oil and gas lease to protect yourself, your land and your future rights.

As with any type of an agreement, disputes arise with oil and gas leasing. Ownership of the land may have transferred but the underlying mineral rights did not. Certain Ohio laws provide for the abandonment of those mineral rights.

With the development of new technologies and alternate methods to extract deep well deposits of oil and natural gas, mineral rights leases that are many years old are now being revisited. The original lease may have limited the right to a specific resource, only providing for the extraction of oil and not gas. It may also contain provisions that restrict drilling to shallow wells and are not applicable to oil and gas deposits at deeper levels.

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